Hacking Your...


Identifying weaknesses in your Internet or Internal servers and systems.


Identifying insecure human behaviors via email, face-to-face interaction, phone calls, and more.

Physical Defenses

Identifying weaknesses in your physical security defenses including locks, cameras, motion sensors and more.


Identifying weaknesses in your custom programs, web applications, mobile apps and more.

Before They Do!

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Knowing Thy Enemy

Many organizations know themselves, but fail to truly know their enemies. Organizations attempt to make good security decisions, while failing to account for what a real world adversary would do to circumvent their defenses. Leet Systems provides this understanding of your organization's adversaries by mimicking what a Cyber Criminal would do to hack into your organization and gain access to your most critical assets.

By mimicking what Cyber Criminals are doing today, your organization can become measurably and meaningfully more secure. Leet Systems focuses on penetration testing and offensive security to determine real risk for any organization in any industry.


  • “Leetsys provided data that allowed us to become substantially more Secure.”
    Joanne T,
    CIO Healthcare
  • “Leetsys' capabilities are in one word "Insane".”
    Dave M,
    CSO Financial Services
  • “Leet Systems are our trusted go to security guys.”
    Jason M,
    Director Hosting


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