Services Provided by LeetSys

Penetration Testing

Penetratrion Testing identifies security weaknesses by simulating the attack of a real world attacker. Specific scenarios may be tested, for example what would an inside attacker be capable of as well as an external attacker.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering identifies weaknesses in the people at an organization and measures susceptibility to common attack techniques. Common techniques include manipulating people via email, phone calls and face to face interaction.

Phone Security Assessments

Phone Security Assessments identify weaknesses in traditional and VOIP phone systems. Additionally Wardialing can be used to identify all phone numbers in use for forgotten or neglected analog systems.

Application Security Assessments

Application Security Assessments identify weaknesses in custom written programs, web applications, iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

Wireless Security Assesment

Wireless Assessments identify weaknesses in wireless networks and clients. This can be performed by actively identifying and exploiting wireless systems or simulating attack techniques in a test environment.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments identify as many weaknesses as possible in a target network, application or system. Vulnerability Assessments tend to rely more heavily on automated tools than penetration tests.

Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence Gathering identifies any information that may be useful to an attacker. This typically includes information available to the public on the Internet.

Physical Security Assesment

Physical Security Assessments identify weaknesses in any physical security related controls. Typically this includes security guards, badging and identification systems, security cameras, motion detectors, restricted or secured areas, physical locks, etc.

A La Carte Hacking

Have a custom or proprietary product, service, system or application? Chances are we can hack it and help you identify any security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.